If anyone would ever think of taking parting in forex account India, they will have to spend some time to look at how stock market and forex brokers are ruled in India. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) provides legal work through Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) of 1999, which means that RBI will be the the inspectors who supervise all acts of foreign exchange transactions in India. Also, forex brokers are issued licenses by FEMA and Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI) set the regulations for stock market.

Learn how to open a forex account first.

forex account india

The regulations for currency 

The forex trading brokers who are governed by SEBI can run the trading of 4 certain currency pair which are  USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY. It does not mean that other currencies are prohibited but it can be traded if there are occasions when government allows them to.

To restrict the fraud happening in the forex broker world, Indian authority has more hand on control the forex account India by limit the currency pairs that traders have the right to trade, which include rupee in their base and counter currency. If it is excluded by that, it is outlawed to trade.

Online payment 

It is possible to trade other pairs of currency when they do the transaction through some online payment devices such as PayPal, Neteller not through local banks or financial institution that are governed by  India and other payment method provided by banks like credit card and debit.

Some tips for traders in  India

Because there are not too many online forex brokers in India, who does not want forex account India, can look for the foreign online brokers by basing on some elements that ensure these brokers work reliably and effectively. These elements can be mentioned which are:

  • Being regulated by trustful financial organizations
  • High-profile forex traders
  • Provide various accounts 
  • Have little limited for deposit
  • Accessible to trading different kinds of currency and other forms of trading
  • Higher leverage rate to qualify traders’ plans 
  • Spread dependable and affordable 
  • Have insurance to limit the risk of losing 
  • Lowest the slippage to the minimum amount
  • Clients’ funding are kept safely in segregated way
  • Withdrawal process is suitable and flexible

If you are an expert about India brokers’ regulations, trading with one of the brokers, which are controlled by SEBI, seems to be the safe way to deal with some situations like currency restriction with some other currencies instead of USD, GBP, JPY or EUR. These brokers can be recognized as Indian stock exchanges. 


In general, it is known that it is unauthorized to trade other kinds of currencies that are not included INR as base currency or counter currency by opening forex account India with the banks based on India or other financial organizations which is supervised by Indian government.

If you wish to trade more currency pairs and still guarantee profit and the appropriation online brokers from outside of India can be a help and the best suitable way is to make fund through electric payment methods like PayPal and Neteller. Otherwise, forex account India is a more ensured way within the country. Now, learn when to stop forex trading.

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